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Ladies classes

Wing Chun Kung Fu Men training

Wing Chun is the only style in the world that was created by a woman, so in saying that we focus on deflecting our opponents strikes, footwork & energy going forward. All these skills make it easy to take down a larger opponent without exerting to much energy.Here we will build the confidence, speed, power & awareness you need to protect yourself whilst having great fun!

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Kids classes

Wing Chun Kung Fu Women training

Do you want your child to focus more? Or learn a discipline that will not only teach them to perform better in daily activities but also teach them to protect themselves. Well Wing Chun is for your child! We emphasis on teaching our students to respect one another and also protecting themselves in a comfortable environment. There is nothing more fulfilling and rewarding than teaching a child skills they will need for life!

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Mens classes

Wing Chun Kung Fu Kids training

With our classes being able to cover just about all ages and fitness levels, our classes will surely push you to your limits! we focus on chi sao (touch reflex), bonsao lapsao, kicking, reflex, multiple attackers, , weapons & self defence. So there is a lot of benefit whether you want a self defence system, fitness or just a new hobby you will find a new love for the most effective system in the world!

Mens class times

Class types

Reflex Classes Our reflex classes are designed to increase a student's reaction time while helping them to apply Wing Chun techniques quickly and correctly.
Sparring Classes Sparring classes teach you to apply the techniques and fighting strategies you've learned in previous wing chun classes in a random fighting situation. Combat stress can really affect you in a real life fighting situation and in tournaments so sparring is the closest thing to a real fight to help decrease your level of combat stress and increase your conditioning, speed, power, and confidence.
Nunchakus We train you how to use the nunchakus with both hands and to employ it for attacking as well as blocking. Nunchaku use enhances your hand-eye coordination as well.