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Sifu Zachary Planko

I was born and raised in Dandenong,Victoria, Australia. As a kid i loved martial arts movie's and was always amazed at the fighting techniques and weapon skills that were used in them.

In my teen years I wanted to join a martial arts program, I tried a few that didn't impress me so i moved on to play basketball. After playing basketball for a year I was still very eager to practice a martial arts style, my mother had heard about Wing Chun so she took me in for a trial class.

It was love at first sight I knew this was for me, I was intrigued by the control, speed and power this style had. So I ended up leaving basketball to train almost daily.

After training for 4 years towards my goal of attaining a gold sash, I had been informed about the intensive instructors program so I straight away approached Sifu Mark and Master Joe about becoming an instructor. Since then I have had many private lessons with Sifu Mark, I have also taught classes for Sifu Mark and under Master Joe's supervision. Also with Master Joe's guidance I have opened up a part time school in Pakenham on Main st